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The Algonquin Indians greased their hair and often painted their bodies for war and celebrations. The paint came from berries, root juice, charcoal, and soot (dirt or ashes). The men tattooed their bodies with all sorts of figures and designs.
The Algonquin ate crops like corn, potatoes, peppers, squash, and beans. They also ate wild plants, berries, roots, wild rice, seeds, and nuts. Meat was very plentiful. Dear was the most common source, but they also hunted black bear and moose. They also ate fish.The Algonquin Indians wore animal skins, such as deer hides, because of the skin's flexibility. Their robes were made of different animal furs such as beaver, minx, martin, and bear. The warriors wore breech clothes, leggings, hunting shirts with sleeves, and soft soled moccasins. In cold winters they wore their robes. When they met English traders, they started to wear blankets. The Algonquin used the rivers, forests, and lakes as resources. The men made canoes, traps, utensils, and weapons. The Algonquian indians used spears to help them catch fish and eels from the bow of a canoe. The Algonquian Indians hung dreamcatchers from cradleboards to protect their babies. They believed that the dreamcatcher would catch bad dreams and allow good dreams to pass through the web.

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The Algonquin Indians lived in wigwams made of branches and bark off of trees, or they lived in branch huts.