Comanche By: Maximillian Smith

The Comanche are a Plains Indian tribe
who’s territory was what is now New Mexico,
southern Colorado, northeastern Arizona,
southern Kansas, all of Oklahoma,
and most of northwest Texas

The Comanche were hunter-gatherers with a horse culture. The population of the Comanche people was about 45,000 in the late 18th century. Today they have a significant part in economic development, they own ten tribal smokeshops, one bingo hall, and four casinos. It is required that you are 1/8 blood to be a Comanche. They have a national powwow every september.
The Comanche emerged as a distinct group in the late 1600’s. They were a part of the Shoshone people before they were actually the Comanche. Hunting was initially a male activity, they hunted buffalo, elk, black bear, pronghorn, and deer. Their clothing was simple and easy to wear. The men wore a leather belt with a breechcloth, a long piece of buckskin and loose-fitting deerskin leggings. They had moccasins made from thick tough buffalo hide. Women wore the same along with some cloth to cover their chest. During the winter they all wore a heavy jacket like clothing made from heavy buffalo hide. They lived in teepe’s. They would make stuff that wouldn’t break because of their frequent traveling. They depended on buffalos for there tools, household goods, and weapons. They could produce 200 different things with a buffalo. The Comanche’s religion was mainly traditional tribal religion, but now it consists of that, christianity, and native american church.