Jason winsor

The Inuits food source
was seals, fish, and caribou.
But they mostly hunted seals.
During the winter they would
go to the holes in the ice
where the seals come up to
and breath. the seals would
scratch holes in the ice as
the ice started to freeze. The inuit
hunters would stand over the
the holes till a seal came up to
breath and then kill it. sometime they would stand there for hours.
During the summer they
would go out in kayak, and hunt the way.Screen_shot_2012-02-13_at_8.52.20_AM.png


The Inuits used fur from caribou. this fur kept them the warmest
in the cold.they also use fur from seals and polar bears.

they would make coat, trousers, stockings, shoes or boots. they would usually
wear two of each cause of the veery cold weather. the boots were mainly mad from
seal skin cause it lasted longer, and if it gets wet it wont hurt the bots .


They believe that the sun and the moon are brothers and sisters.
the moon is the the brother and the sun is the sister. These where there gods.
and other stories are about if it should be a real religion.