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the Navajo Indians were living in Canada and Alaska
They first started to hunt mammoth until they went extinct. they then began to hunt buffalo the Navajo people learned to grow maize, corn, and the most important one is the grains witch were mostly popular in Mexico


this is the story
How the Ladybug Got Its Spots
A long time ago there were only ladybugs living in the woods. The ladybugs liked to crawl up trees and sit on flowers. The ladybugs were little and red.
The wind started to blow, and the sky started to turn black. There suddenly was a very dark cloud. Black rain started to fall from it.
The ladybugs were all very quiet because they were scared. One ladybug said, "Hey lets go inside," and another ladybug said, "No, don't go inside lets se what happens." So they did not go inside.
The rain stained the ladybug's backs. The ladybugs were all very excited. And that is how ladybugs got their spots.